Twin zone equipment in Darwin


Refrigerated shipping container — Twin Zone refrigeration in Pinelands, NT
TTS Refrigeration offers twin zone equipment for those who need refrigeration that is a little more sophisticated in its capabilities.
Twin zone refrigeration is ideally suited for stores, restaurant kitchens and other areas where multiple types of food and beverages might be kept side by side.
Our twin zone systems allow for separate ideal temperatures and humidity levels to be maintained. For example, you might wish to keep drinks at a different setting than you would food items.
Separate temperatures and humidity levels is also appropriate for different types of food. Twin zone refrigeration means you can keep any food or drink at optimum temperatures and moisture levels.
When you use twin zone refrigeration equipment, you will be spending less on energy while saving food from perishing under otherwise less than ideal temperatures.
As we do for any commercial refrigeration system in Darwin and surrounding areas, we offer ongoing maintenance and service.
When your perishables at risk in the Top End, we help you avoid equipment failures and costly downtimes. Our experienced technicians catch problems before they become more serious issues. This means cheaper repairs and equipment that will not give out when you need it most.

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TS Refrigeration will design and install the right refrigeration system for your needs. We can customise your system to meet your specifications and match your space requirements.

Thanks to our personalised approach to refrigeration systems, you can be sure you are getting the ideal system for your individual businesses.

If you are ready to get started, give us a call today. We will be happy to get you started with your new twin zone system.