Equipment Hire in Darwin


Refrigerated truck and UTE — Refrigeration equipment hire in Pinelands, NT
Not only will you find the most appropriately sized container for your refrigeration hire needs, you can also choose short or long-term rental.
You can set the temperature in our refrigerated containers to suit your needs. This means that even the most sensitive of materials will be kept in ideal conditions.
For added convenience during use, our refrigerated containers can also be fitted to suit your needs, with a range of features including:
Internal Lighting – Lighting inside the container can be arranged to meet any configuration. We can customise the internal lighting for you to allow easy access to the contents for your convenience.

Ezy Doors – Getting in and out of our refrigerated containers quickly is easier with our Ezy Doors addition. Especially in situations where you’ll be going in and out of the refrigerated area frequently, Ezy Doors are built for convenience.

Dual Temperature Units (Freezer / Chiller) – If you have multiple goods that need to be kept at different temperatures, our Dual Temperature Units are ideal. This is the solution for frozen meats, desserts, produce and other items that all need to be kept in different conditions to maintain freshness.

Single phase 240v conversions – This smart solution enables you to power the refrigerated container using a standard single-phase power supply when you are on location.


More Than Refrigeration Equipment Hire In Darwin & Surrounds


TTS Refrigeration in Darwin not only provides refrigeration equipment for hire, we also sell it—our customers in the Top End often need our refrigeration equipment on a permanent basis.

We can also customise and design a unit just for you. Simply tell us your requirements and our technicians go to work on the refrigeration equipment to match your exact need. You’ll be included in the entire design process—as much or as little as you need. Our aim is always to provide you with the finished product to best suit your refrigeration requirements.

Give us a call today. We’ll be happy to answer your questions and provide additional information, and get the process started for you.